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The trend of the time is large open spaces with high ceilings that often present challenges with noise and reverberation. Fibrotech's acoustic panels and panels have a sound-absorbing function as the reverberation is absorbed.

Our wood concrete is made of cement and wood wool, which in addition to being sound-absorbing, also contributes to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. In addition, wood concrete also helps to increase fire safety, as the non-combustible materials help to limit the spread of fire.

With the FibroTech Acoustic Panel, the focus is on the design of the ceiling or wall at the same time as the acoustic properties that FibroTech Acoustic Panels have. The acoustic panels are made of polyester, MDF and real wood veneer, which gives them a very beautiful look with varying markings. FibroTech Acoustic Panel can be set up both as a ceiling or on a wall.

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Good features of FibroTech´

sound insulation for the ceiling with the help of FibroTech

Good Acoustics

Our wood concrete gives the room an excellent acoustics. When using acoustic panels from FibroTech, a acoustic regulation as well as soothing reverberation. Therefore, our products are particularly suitable for cladding interior ceilings with or without tilts, offices, all rooms / ceilings with hard floor coverings, halls, covered terraces, sports halls, garages, stables, etc. FibroTech Acoustic Panel adds an aesthetic dimension to the room and creates a warm expression in the home.

Our sound-absorbing panels for ceilings are a 100% natural product

100% natural product

Our wood concrete slabs are made of natural products wood and cement, which combine structural strength with natural properties.

An acoustic cladding not only creates a comfortable sound environment, but at the same time provides a better indoor climate. FibroTech Acoustic panels are made of polyester, MDF and real wood veneer, giving them a very beautiful look with varying markings - and they are of course 100% FSC certified.

Acoustic panels are an effective fire protection

Effective Fire Protection

Our insulation boards have fireproof properties, which is essential for passive fire protection of structures.

For example, a high melting point and a low smoke concentration are extremely important in relation to the evacuation of people in buildings.

All our products are CE marked, and at the same time they meet the fire requirements for fire class Bs 1, d0.

Find sound-absorbing plates and accessories in our shop such as:


Basic Wooden concrete ceiling in 2 dimensions

Wood wool 1,5mm
25x600x1200 / 2400 mm


Farmer acoustic panels in 2 sizes

Wood wool 2,0mm
25x600x1200 / 2400 mm


Multifine wood concrete ceiling tiles in 2 different colors

Wood wool 1,0mm
25x600x1200 mm

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